What We Do

A Proven Performance Management Solution for Identifying Ways to Improve Outcomes and Lower Costs

Our method and robust technology make all your data accessible to everyone who needs it—from executives to analysts: both technical and non-technical. With Salient Healthcare, users can make the best possible decisions in real-time to effect outcomes. In fact, one of our largest clients has more than tripled staff productivity with Salient’s software.


Connect All the Data

Integrate Healthcare DataMore than Data Integration
Salient delivers a complete solution that measures your entire healthcare system from top to bottom.


Every piece of data – EHRs, claims, enrollments, budget allocations, even operational and environmental data – is integrated to account exactly for the value created by healthcare activity. Thus, the entire process of care becomes visible.

Unified Data: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts
Your data is valuable, but when it’s all working together, the magic begins. You can depend on Salient to deliver a single version of the truth – one unified source for analysis – saving you countless hours and optimizing your efforts to improve quality and lower costs.

In just seconds, Salient’s solution:

  • Joins all sources of data – claims, clinical, operational, financial, etc.
  • Creates a comprehensive view of the entire healthcare program
  • Provides timely and relevant information for taking fact-based actions
  • Improves efficiency and effectiveness


Connect All the Dots

Connect your intuition to your dataHealthcare Intelligence
With billions of healthcare claims filed each year and EHRs becoming more and more the norm, identifying opportunities to improve performance is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But with Salient’s visual data mining software, you can:


  • Interrogate billions of claims in seconds with point-and-click ease
  • Observe graphically the connections between the activities, costs, and outcomes
  • Pursue abnormal patterns and trends in real-time down to individual outliers
  • Ask “why” until root causes become obvious and actionable
  • Integrate unstructured data for deeper analysis
  • Share insights and best practices easily


Connect All the People

Information Right at Your Finger TipsData at the Fingertips of Every User
Liberate your data so that everyone who needs to know can gain secure access. Learn key answers in seconds to affect outcomes and expand the number of staff who can utilize the data to make better decisions:


  • Non-technical people can intuitively engage in comprehensive data analysis
  • Free up data experts to focus on more complicated analyses
  • All levels can see their own actions and how to impact results


Share the Knowledge
Connect all the people to each other through a unique, collaboration center: Salient Knowledge Manager.

Users can match soft knowledge with the hard facts:

  • Enhance the analysis with unstructured data – comments, videos, links, images, etc.
  • Provide a deeper level of understanding
  • Collaborate with colleagues utilizing unlimited opportunities for posting and discussion

A Leader in Performance

Salient Positioned in 2014 Gartner Magic QuadrantSalient Positioned in 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms

The User Experience

When information is actionable, there is no possible reason not to act on it. It is:

Accessible – no IT support is required
Fast – answers in 3 seconds or less
Easy – intuitive, user-friendly interface
Flexible – any format
Detailed – down to the root cause
Self-Serve – you ask the questions, you get the answers

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